3 Essential ways to Motivate Developers

Ways to Motivate Developers
Nov 15, 2019

Every single now and then we wonder what makes developer impulse to enthusiast creativity and performance. What’s the part that makes them come to work in the early mornings. Surveys are often aimed at what is it that motivates them as software developers? In this article, we explore specifically what can be the triggering factors to motivate software engineers on development work.

“Give them new skills-Redefine Them”

Developers don’t think of themselves as robots. Practicing and performing the same scenarios are often too difficult to absorb. Developers need a break, they need skill evolution. Companies should provide training, seminars, workshops or experiential learnings so that they can work with innovative technological challenges. Also, it has been noticed that developers enjoy their work and professional far more by learning new skills.



“Measure their satisfaction level, then improve it”

It’s unbelievable but it’s true – Now you can also measure the satisfaction level of your development team which the essential intrinsic factor of motivation.

If companies are measuring hours, growth, speed, velocity, and any other thing that can fit inside a spreadsheet. So, they should also focus on whether the employees are enjoying the workplace, their profession or their present-given task which is the most essential cause to directly impact proficiency for developing code or finding a difficult bug.

Companies, especially IT-related calculate their engineer happiness through Net Promoter Score which is most often used to measure customer satisfaction, as a metric for their own employees.


Other than NPS, companies can also initiate Surveys or Focus groups, or more importantly One-to-one talk to measure the satisfaction level of their team.

After evaluating the results, you can take steps to improve that part of the work environment and task-related activities.

“Give them the voice – Give them open air”

Vague user understanding? Or debugging? These challenges are not naïve for developers. Developers are brave enough to accept challenges, also they find it interesting to accept one. The bigger the challenge, the more interesting it is. They don’t like to be spoon-fed with the tasks.

It has been surveyed that developers should be given open-air to explore more, through which they get new experiences, new learnings and helping them to become wiser and stronger. Engineers should be welcomed to give their part in the meetings even with the C-level because they are the ones who understand the prospect with its depth. By such practices, it can be said that work becomes less of a routine and more of a determination. Open Air? Open room for growth, opportunities, and STAKE.

You developers are your asset, companies should focus on motivating them by now and then by giving them new skills, measuring their satisfaction level and by giving them an open voice which helps you to grow their entrepreneurial venture more effectively.

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