Why to use React JS?

React JS
Dec 02, 2019

React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook. This JS library is a dynamic User Interface with enhancing efficiency. It is a tool for creating User Interface parts. React JS merged the velocity of JavaScript and utilize another possibility of web page representation, by modifying them very dynamic and reactive to users’ input. This technology considerably modifies the Facebook approach to development. In 2013, it was released as an open-source JS tool, turned exceptionally famous because of its radical approach to developing UI.

  • React turn it easy to design interactional interfaces for users.
  • It helps in creating an ordinary and plain display for every state of an app.
  • React JS upgrade and provide the correct and suitable components while data is modified.
  • Explanatory display modifies your programming code more predictable and simple to rectify.


Pros of React JS:

  • Virtual DOM (document object model) modifies individual experience to improve and enables the developer to work efficiently and quickly. This method makes the developer capable to operate with user interface objects effectively and can alter in the real-time state. It also enhances efficiency and developer speed.
  • The Liberty of reusability of React components considerably provides low time consumption. This is a very important benefit regarding React, that the capability to reuse components of coding from several distinct levels whenever needed.
  • React JS facilitate developer with a stable coding by providing single direction data flow. It uses a downward direction flow of data. In this scenario, child components cannot impact the parent data components. To alter any component, the programmer only has to alter its sate and then apply up-gradation. As an outcome, only targeted elements will be updated.
  • React JS is an open-source library, which means it is continuously developing and open to the world developer’s community. It utilizes every benefit of open access, several beneficial and effective applications as well as more tools from world developers.

Cons of React JS:

  • A very rapid velocity of development needs programmers to constantly learn the latest ways of development. Entirety is changing, and few programmers are not convenient with working at this pace.
  • The other issue is poor documentation. This issue arises due to the continuous emergence of new tools. To resolve this issue, programmers manage their personal documentation for a particular tool utilized by them in some projects.
  • React JS consider JSX. It permits merging of HTML along with JavaScript. Programmers and developers allege regarding JSX’s complications resulting from a high rate of progress in learning a new skill.
  • React JS has another problem with SEO trouble. There are few concerns that Google and some more SE cannot index appropriately dynamic websites with client-side rendition.

Why to use React JS:

Following are a few reasons to use React JS

  • Simplicity:  single direction data flow, well-described life cycle, and utilization of simple JS make React easy to learn, develop a dynamic web page and facilitate it.
  • Easily learnable: any programmer with some basic information in development regarding CSS and HTML can easily learn to React.
  • Naive Approach: React facilitates its developers with reusability which permits the programmer to create mobile applications.
  • Performance: it does not provide any idea of an inherent package of dependency.
  • Testability: React JS apps are very easily be tested.

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