Automating Shop Floor Activities for an Automotive Business


Automotive industry is the backbone of most of our economic activities as without their presence, we won’t be able to get faster, cheaper, better vehicles for transporting ourselves and the goods within the continents. It is one of the largest economic sectors by revenue and employees over 15 million highly skilled workers across the globe. With this scale, this industry has always invested in automating most of its operations as safety, accuracy and precision are of utmost importance.

We have recently delivered a progress web app for a major automotive industry player in the US, which automated their shop floor operations and relevant administrative tasks. The application was developed using React JS and was integrated with a barcode scanner for clocking in and out the floor technicians.


The management was looking to measure productivity of floor technicians and the efficiency of the whole process, which includes, downtime reports, logging direct and indirect activities, managing and monitoring production orders and cells, etc. They needed something with super simple and intuitive user interface and wanted it to be completely optimized for portable devices, smartphones and tabs.


The application was deployed recently and has removed the need of keeping paper records for the floor managers on the shop floor. The application can generate multiple reports for different user roles and can be scaled further to add more features and users to it. It also keeps track of scrap and waste quantities and has offline persistence to ensure that no data is being lost due to connection issues.

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