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With our vast expertise in Web Design and Development, we have been working with major Digital Agencies in providing excellent technology services to their customers worldwide. With their focus on aesthetics and content, our team is able to provide them the right skillset in user experience and creating websites that work flawlessly on most browsers and devices. We have developed a custom content management system for business websites, which has become a major selling point for our partner agencies. They prefer to work with our engineers to ensure that the customer’s vision has been transformed into a reality with a scalable custom solution powering it.

This case study is about our ongoing partnership with a US-based Digital Agency, which provides Website Development and Search Engine Optimization services to their local businesses. For last 8 years, we have been providing our technical expertise and support to deliver on-brand, aesthetically pleasing and user-centric websites for their customers in real state, consulting, energy and other domains. We will talk about the process we have been following for communication, collaboration and work delivery and the results we have achieved so far.


The agency was looking for a technical team with expertise in Website Design and Development and they wanted to have a quick turnaround time and high work quality with mobile responsive layouts. The biggest challenges were running effective design sprints, responsiveness on handheld devices, communication, collaboration, and time zone difference.


We have created a process to find solutions to the above challenges and so far, have delivered over a dozen CMS-based websites with superior user experience. We do daily catchup meetings with the agency’s team in the US, early morning their time, to update them on our work progress and clarify any questions and decide on our goals for the next day. We also use JIRA to create a single point of access for all communication and information and use it for task assignment and productivity management. We like to do joint prototyping sessions to sketch out the website’s structure and possible user journeys. The process has worked really well, and we are able to pull off some really tight deadlines and very innovative design ideas.

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