Fintech Application for a Middle Eastern Exchange Business


We have been working in the fintech industry since our inception and because of our experience with mobile app development, we have been developing excellent partnerships with our fintech customers across the globe. From banks to forex companies to insurance giants, we have worked with excellent customers who believe in the power of digital transformation and understand the demand for quick financial services.

This case study is about a fintech product we built for a forex company in the Middle East. The customer came with an idea in mind where they wanted to create a mobile app for people to send and receive money, pay their bills, stay updated with forex rates and locate the nearest branch. The app was to be developed in both English and Arabic and for both the Play Store and the App Store.


The Application has a lot of moving parts, including location-based services, live forex feed, payment integration and user identification via fingerprint recognition feature. Also, due to its diverse audience, the app needed to be in both English and Arabic with an intuitive user journey and a very clean design.


We started the project with some mockups and creating user journeys to understand and decide on the final flow. The framework we used was React Native as we wanted to ensure that the product reaches the market as soon as possible both for iOS and Android and with minimum maintenance scheduled for future. The team worked very closely with the customer to understand the business and cultural context and make sure that the app’s design is robust enough to accommodate both languages. The app is now ready for the soft launch and our team is working closely with the customer for a fantastic launch and post-launch maintenance work!

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