Fintech Application for Banking Sector


The banking industry worldwide is going through a digital transformation as more and more of their customer base is looking for easy access to digital financial services, both for saving time and adding convenience to their lives. From sending account opening requests to send and receive money, the need for an app is something every bank realizes and most of them are investing in building a user-centric solution.

We have been working with an African bank to deliver a user-facing application which will eliminate the need for their account holders to visit their branch and they can do most of their banking from their smartphone. The app is under development and will soon be launched for its account holders and prospects in Sudan.


The banking industry is a highly regulated industry and automating its processes requires more thought and care than any other industry. The challenges include excellent security, infallible reliability and the ability to perform well under excess user load. Our team has taken the challenge and is working with absolute agility to deliver the application to its intended audience. The app is bi-lingual and will be available for both Android and iOS users.


The app is under development and so far, we have seen some excellent progress from our team. We are using Windows Azure DevOps for managing the project internally and Flutter is our chosen framework this time. With features like account opening requests, statement and cheque book requests, card request and renewal, e-wallet, funds transfer, bill payments and fingerprint user recognition, the app will automate most of the consumer side banking processes and will provide incredible ease and efficiency to the bank as well as their customer base.

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