Mobile Wallet Application for Pakistan’s largest Telco Provider


Pakistan’s fintech sector has seen a significant growth in the past couple of years and this positive trend has led to more solutions focusing on access to financial services and financial inclusion of marginalized communities. We have built and maintained Pakistan’s largest mobile wallet, mobile payments and branchless banking services app that caters to over 6 million active users throughout the country.


This project has three major challenges.
  • There are three different teams, sitting in three different locations, working on the frontend and backend of the solution. This requires close collaboration and taking full advantage of available communication and collaboration technology tools.
  • Downtime means massive financial losses, which means, the teams must be on their toes to ensure that both development and operation processes are aligned, and the app is functional 24/7/365.
  • The app is ever expanding, and new features are launching in regular intervals to provide more services and ease to its users. This means that the teams must maintain the applications with best practices and quickly learn from their experiences.


To give you some perspective on the size of the app, nearly 2.5% of Pakistan’s GDP by value and more than half the industry’s cash-in value moves through our mobile wallet app. With dozens of valuable features, including, money transfer, deposits, bill payments, tickets and challan payments, international remittance, savings, insurance and quick loans, this application is truly a one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

The app is available on Play store, App store and Huawei store and is integrated with NADRA for security and verification. It also has an inbuilt NADRA biometric verification process on registration as per the policy created by the State Bank of Pakistan.

We are catering to everyone, most importantly, the majority of our country’s unbanked population, especially people living in rural areas where reaching to a branch is a big hassle. Pakistan is undergoing a digital revolution and we are leading it from the front by providing services to millions of Pakistanis by bringing branchless banking services to their fingertips.

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