SaaS-based solution for workplace safety during Covid19


With our invaluable expertise and wide experience in Web Product Development, our experts have been delivering sleek and superior solutions that have the ability to maximize user engagement using various latest technologies, globally. This case study is about our ongoing partnership with an international client, where our experts have been working closely with them to deliver on-demand services to help support their user base worldwide. With our focus on aesthetics and user experience, we have delivered a fully responsive web solution.

Due to this current pandemic, our client wanted a SaaS application that can be used by their customers as a third-party service provider tool that can enable employees to return to their workplaces with more confidence. Moreover, the solution can keep their employees safer with several other features such as health tracking, contact tracing, and real-time data insights. In this case study, we will talk about the process we have been following for communication, collaboration, and delivery of the solution and the impact we have achieved so far.


The client was looking for a small and agile technical team with expertise in Website Design and Development and they wanted to have a quick turnaround time for this solution as of course with the high work quality. The biggest challenges were time-constraint, the responsiveness on handheld devices, communication, collaboration, and their on-demand enhancements during the current pandemic outbreak.


Our goal was to deliver a fully functional and innovative technical solution in less than a month that tracks employee’s well-being and, in the meantime, provides easier transition at the workplace with staff-wide visibility and better reporting that keep the transition hiccups away from the normal business operations. From tight deadlines to catering to change requests, our technical team delivered the web-based portal, built on the following Tech stack:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD B2C
  • Microsoft Graph APIs
  • .NET Core, React
  • SQL Server

Within a matter of weeks, our team successfully delivered a fully operational and functional solution while working 100% remotely. Below is the high-level feature list.

  • Track symptoms, report COVID-19 exposure or express concerns in one intelligent Microsoft PowerApps.
  • Monitor employee’s virus risks and lowers the rate of spread.
  • Create or modify assessments as per organizational needs.
  • Easy-to-read Microsoft Power BI dashboards aggregate to-the-minute with employee symptoms data.
  • Employee’s contact tracing based on frequent or rare contact via Email within the organization.

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