Aciano Technologies

Our Partnership Story

At Aciano Technologies we invest in the future and closely follow technology trends. The collaboration with our Partners specializing in completely different areas had enables us to offer a unique mix of technologies. As a result, we respond to diverse and complex customer needs, providing comprehensive solutions. The variety of workforce has proven themselves time and again in delivering timely projects and raised the bars of customer satisfaction levels.

Aciano Technologies

Partnership with Ihdinaa

Aciano Technologies has futuristic vision and the capabilities to implement future technologies with perfection. It was some years ago that we were contacted by Ihdinaa to create a product for the banking industry. This product was to be shariah compliant and Ihdinaa had the complete knowledge base for every possible aspect needed to be covered. Their team of Islamic Scholars sat with our team, and we provided them the technical solutions to their futuristic vision for the need of such a system.

Aciano Technologies not only provided them the road map to achieve their goal but also decided to become the technical partner. This shariah compliant tool can be plugged in with any existing system in banking sector to begin their journey of Riba Free banking.

Have A Look On Our Products

Aciano Pool Management System (APMS)

Aciano Pool Management System enables teams to transform their manual processes into automated solutions. Shariah guidelines are followed and more time is given to respective teams to focus on understanding the business, structuring of pools and consideration of potential emerging business. Aciano Pool Management System developed through a close relationship with the Islamic banking fraternity – supports teams in their day-to-day activities, including



Automated updating of deposit and asset data along with adjustment option.

Profit Distribution

Automated process flow is developed to take weightages and profit distribution.


Built in reports are available for regulatory and Shariah reporting's.


Various inspection teams can review the pool management activities from their respective folders.


Every approval is authorized to ensure Shariah compliance.

Shariah Manager

Shariah Manager® is an innovative solution for creating synergy between different Shariah control clusters. Through a central user restricted database, it helps share the information between Shariah Audit, Compliance, Shariah Advisory and Shariah Board enabling creation of both inward and outward queries.

The software also has an in-built Ticket Management system that helps stakeholders in an organization interact with Shariah team and get timely response. Shariah Manager® can be useful in escalating issues to Shariah compliance department or Shariah Board, streamlining follow-ups, creating Shariah board agendas and documenting resolutions.

Shariah Manager helps maximize benefits with minimal costs through making departments efficient and resultantly effective.