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Awaaz is one of our coolest products with a clever idea and a fun interface. The app is a one-stop solution for brands to learn about their positioning, listen to their consumers and do a competitive assessment, all in-real-time. It is a novel idea in the local market and is helping brands make wiser decisions while rewarding their loyal customers.
The app is already making waves and has accumulated over 3000 users in a matter of a few weeks with brands finding immense value in its ability to crowdsource a previously labor-intensive task of data collection while maintaining transparency.
What does it do for the brands?
  • Collect valuable data in real-time
  • Learn about your brand’s positioning
  • Assess your competitors
  • Run Retail and Display Audits
  • Actively listen to your customers
What does it do for the customers?
  • Feel heard by the brands
  • Earn rewards and cash backs
  • Say it out loud and still be anonymous!
If you are a brand looking for some help in a retail audit, write to support@awaaz.biz
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) for customers
  • Web Panel for Brands
  • react
  • angular
  • dotnet
  • sql
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