HAP is our latest product which is about to hit the mainstream with its seamless interface and excellent usability. The app helps its users find and book venues and essentially get connected with the venue providers nationwide. Users can search for a venue using different criteria and filters, can see reviews and ratings of a particular venue, find all the relevant information and then eventually book a venue or go for a visit.
The app is targeted towards our local wedding and event planning industry and provides an ease to the users who are looking for event venues and don’t want to waste their time going from venue to venue to know about the facilities or see the venue itself.
What does it do for the users?
  • Find venues as per your requirements
  • Search by location
  • See reviews and ratings
  • Get connected with the venue managers
  • See availability and place a booking request
What does it do for the vendors?
  • Advertise their venues for maximum reach
  • Ability to receive booking queries
  • Active Social listening about their facility
If you are a venue owner and would like to increase your visibility and earned revenue, call +92 345 335 5949 or write to social@hap-app.com.
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) for users
  • Web Panel for Vendors
  • react
  • angular
  • dotnet
  • sql
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