shariah compliant product

Pool Management System

We have built a modern shariah-compliant system by working with a team of international subject matter experts in shariah and banking regulations. The tool automates the process of managing pools and profits while ensuring that everything is done efficiently and under Shariah and Regulatory guidelines. The product is a must-have for all Islamic banks and financial institutions and can do hundreds of hours worth of work quickly and with accuracy.
The product is being used by banks and organizations in Pakistan and the Middle East and can be customized and packaged as per the organization’s need.
  • Pool Creation   
  • Product Matching   
  • Deal Transfer and Creation   
  • Tier Management   
  • Profit Calculation and Distribution   
If you are an Islamic bank or financial institution who is tired of using excel and small custom-made applications for profit calculations, drop us a line at support@aciano.net or demo here.
  • Web-based Pool Management System   
  • angular
  • dotnet
  • sql
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  • Tag : Islamic Banking

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