Shariah Manager

Shariah Manager is a solution for automating the way organizations approach Shariah board for relevant queries and compliance-related issues. With the rise of Shariah Compliant Services, the platform is catering to a relatively small but very specialized niche of the business world. With its intuitive and sleek interface, the solution gives users the ability to track issues and queries, create and submit work papers and customize their dashboard, Shariah Manager brings an exceptional level of speed and transparency to the whole process.
The solution is being used by organizations in Pakistan and the Middle East and can be customized and packaged as per the organization’s need.
  • Ability to create and submit work papers   
  • Customized dashboard and data analytics   
  • Scheduling, reporting, and issue tracking   
  • Role-based security and transparent workflow  
If you are an organization offering Shariah Compliant Services, you need our Shariah Manager to make things easy for you, request a demo here at support@aciano.net
  • Web-based Shariah Manager   
  • angular
  • dotnet
  • sql
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