Student Tracking System

A smart and super-efficient solution for schools and similar organizations to collect real-time attendance and timings log for their students and employees. The solution uses RFID integration so you don’t have to do biometric attendance or card swapping and avoid the hassle of people waiting in lines for checking in or checking out. The solution helps parents in ensuring the safety of their kids and lessens the workload from school’s employees/staff which will result in time spent on more productive things, like lesson planning, teaching, and mentoring students. The app is super efficient in tracking entry and exit times, absent days, late arrivals, time log, and school assets. Its mobile app sends a real-time push notification to parents about their children’s absence or late arrival.
The web platform has a comprehensive reporting module for the school’s staff and employees and these reports can be customized as per their needs.
  • Automated attendance marking   
  • Customizable dashboard and reporting modules   
  • Push notifications for absence and late arrivals   
  • Time tracking and time logging   
If you are a school looking for a smart attendance tracking and management solution, drop us a line at support@aciano.net or request a demo here.
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) for parents   
  • Web Panel for staff/employees   
  • angular
  • dotnet
  • sql
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