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SwapperClub is a C2C app which is bringing back the concept of bartering and introducing the local audience to the concept of conscious consumerism. The app connects people to barter, rent and buy goods from each other and help them reduce their carbon footprint by finding areas near to their locations. Swappers as we call our users, can browse through multiple categories, search items and sort them as per their location and need and connect with the person offering the item. Right now, the app only works as a classified but we are working om creating more advance features to ensure that it becomes a one-stop shop for people who care about their environment and want to save money by thrifting and renting instead of buying.
What does it do for the users?
  • Connects swapper with each other   
  • Item listings with location based services   
  • Swap, donate, rent and buy items   
  • Content related to recycling, upcycling and reusing items   
If you are a business looking for a solution to automate and improve your sales and marketing processes, write to us at support@aciano.net
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) for Swappers   
  • Web-based Admin Panel   
  • react
  • dotnet
  • sql
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  • Tag : Shopping App

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