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Building and managing an in-house team is costly and effort-intensive. Let us help you in building a virtual team that can deliver quality products faster and at a fraction of the cost. We will find talent that matches your needs and work culture and will ensure that they deliver better than your expectations. Our experience with talent augmentation has made us create a seamless process to hire the best available talent, ensuring a proper onboarding and measuring their periodic performance.
Due to our excellent talent acquisition and retention policies, we have one of the highest retention rates in the local technology ecosystem which was at 95% in 2019. We believe that people jumping the ship is a sign of decay in a company’s culture and it is disruptive, expensive, and detrimental to productivity. We have been growing our team steadily since 2013 and have gradually become a competitive talent augmentation expert for our customers worldwide. We have hired talent on almost all major frameworks and technologies and would love to help you build your dream offshore team.
Talk to us about your challenges with talent acquisition and we will ensure our full support in finding, housing and retaining the right talent for you.

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