Student Tracking System

Student Tracking System (STS), a customer-centric solution, based on an advance
RFID technology that is easy-to-manage, efficient and dynamic.

Student Tracking System Planning

The idea behind the product revolves around automated attendance system for students/staff at any institute without the hassle of swiping cards or taking thumb impressions.

In addition, it works in a way, the school issues a card which is mandatory to bring for each student/staff. These cards will have a chip called RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. Each RFID has a unique code that differentiates one card from the other. Moreover, RFID can locate every other student even many students are entering at once. The tracking system can track any RFID reader even from several feet. Also, Student Tracking System offers you unlimited report customization features and superior notification functionality.

Student Tracking System

Features of Student Tracking System

Automated Attendance

It automates your attendance with time logging for the staff as well as for the students.

Customized Dashboards

There are two types of dashboard at client-level, for the staff and for the parents. Staff can check their attendance as well as student and can also use same dashboard to send reports accordingly.

Advance Notification Superiority

You can also notify staff and parents about daily absentee, arrived with exact time and other reports too via text message or mobile App.

Ultimate Tracking

It can track exact entry time, exit time, absent days, late arrivals. Other than that, you can also track basic asset of an institute like tables, chairs etc.

Mobile Application

That’s not all parents can also view attendance reports and absenteeism reports, also they can get notes from teachers and school management on time without delays and other issues catered.

Core Components

The advance hardware RFID technology that is capable of long-range reading with directional sensing. The cloud based server software with web portal and mobile app