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User experience is at the core of everything we build. Our process starts with understanding the user’s needs and building personas to get to know the users and to clarify the feasibility of the product in question. We love doing Joint Discovery and Prototyping sessions with our customers and users so that our customers can make informed decisions about the user experience and the product’s direction. We love sprinting as it enables us to get more and better done in a small time-box and learn quickly from its findings.
We like to involve the users early in the process as their insights are absolutely imperative for any product's success. We also engage with the users in every sprint release to get their feedback on how the application is working for them and if they are getting the value for their time and money spent on using our solution. In terms of user experience, assuming is the last thing we want to do, so building something that users can experience and collecting their feedback is our actual game plan.

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