Chat GPT vs Bard - Which Chat AI gives the Best Results?

Jun 02, 2023

Artificial intelligence has influenced every aspect of modern life, from using voice search to play music to unlocking your phone with your face. You can now use AI to complete your writing as well. AI chatbots can create code, compose emails, produce papers you've dreaded starting, and even pass your exam at your command. So, the way IT service providers engage with machines has changed dramatically. All this is due to the emergence of sophisticated conversational AI models. Because of their outstanding conversational abilities, Chat GPT and Bard have become two of the most prominent language models.

Although GPT Chat has generated a lot of hype, its popularity has rendered it unreliable for regular use because it is frequently occupied with requests. The good news, however, is that you can always find AI chatbots that are just as capable and accessible. Google's Bard is one of the AI tools among them.

A new stage in the battle between Google and Microsoft over generative AI can be seen in Google's decision to offer Bard to a selected group of users. Because ChatGPT is showcasing the strength of its GPT-4-powered engine, Google needs Bard to succeed. Even though these chatbots were created using language models, they differ greatly. What follows is the question of which chatbot is the best chat AI? The beginning of Bard wasn't the best. The failure of the chatbot demo in February lost the company $100 billion worth.

On the other hand, OpenAI's Chat GPT has been ruling the chatbot industry. However, it has shortcomings, which gives its opponents some hope. When exploiting Chat GPT's shortcomings, Google is being deliberate and cautious.

The battle between Bard and Chat GPT's major highlights are shown here. So that you are well informed before selecting your subsequent writing assistant. With that said, let's get started.

The War Between Bard Vs Chat GPT


Who will prevail in this AI chatbot match between Bard and Chat GPT? The release of OpenAI's Chat GPT has been shaking the technological world for a while. The AI-powered chatbot is typically part of elaborate systems that produce information in a range of media, including text and graphics. In the next ten years, these technologies are anticipated to significantly alter big tech, a wide range of industries, and employment. However, the chat GPT monopoly could no longer dominate technology. Google has unveiled Bard AI, a chatbot with artificial intelligence.

OpenAI Chat GPT has received a lot of media interest since its launch in November. However, Google has now filled the void. The IT behemoth Bard AI recently released a product that solidified its presence in the AI market. As a result, Google Bard seems like a strong rival to OpenAI's Chat GPT. In fact, it seems as though a battle among AI chatbots is about to start. Google just unveiled Bard; thus, Open AI's chat GPT is prepared to compete with it directly.

Which is the Superior AI Chatbot?

The information from Google's Bard will primarily originate from online sources and data. The data knowledge of Chat GPT, on the other hand, is limited to 2021. However, it now has the advantage because Bard is not accessible to the general public. But, it will take some time before it is clear which chatbot users will find most appealing. 

What is Chat GPT?

chat gpt

An artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI was called Chat GPT. This language model has the ability to converse with its users. It can perform a wide variety of natural language processing (NLP) tasks. It covers text summary, language translation, and question-and-answer sessions. It uses deep learning algorithms to provide text responses to input requests that seem like human speech. As previously said, because it has been trained on a wide range of internet material, it generates comments on a number of themes in a conversational manner. In addition, it generates a written response to an input prompt by foreseeing every word up until the allotted length.   

What is Google Bard?

Google built its conversational AI Bard with LaMDA as its core. The depth of human comprehension is something Google hopes to combine with the strength, humor, and originality of its many language models, including its AI chatbot. The most recent AI chatbot will use a large quantity of information that is easily accessible online to give unique and accurate responses. 


When it comes to comprehending user input and coming up with pertinent responses, Chat GPT and Bard both thrive. The GPT-3 architecture, which has been thoroughly trained on a sizable corpus of text data, serves as the foundation for Chat GPT. It exhibits a tremendous capacity for understanding difficult questions and giving pertinent responses. 

In contrast, Bard is an AI model created by OpenAI specifically to produce creative written content such as songs, stories, and poetry. Although creative writing is Bard's main focus, it can also participate in casual chats and shows a good awareness of user inputs.


chat-gpt-vs-bardOne thing contributing to Chat GPT's huge success was its ability to write code. This coding ability of the chatbot has amazed both experts and laypeople. In fact, it can debug code. 

On the other hand, Bard is "still learning code," according to Google. Therefore, the feature isn't currently ready.

Conversations Retention

Furthermore, the ability of Chat GPT to recollect prior chats sets it apart from competing products. However, the bot can only recall up to 3,000 words. Therefore, it does not draw from previous conversations when deciding how to respond. Even while the functionality isn't perfect, it is still light years ahead of what other chatbots can do.

But Bard is unable to make that happen. According to Google, Bard's ability to keep a context has been "purposefully restricted." The company assumed that capability would grow with time.

Contextual Relevance

Contextual relevance is crucial for a chat AI to provide accurate and meaningful responses. Chat GPT incorporates context by considering the preceding conversation history, allowing it to generate responses that align with the ongoing discussion. Its ability to understand and respond contextually contributes to a more coherent and interactive conversation.

While Bard also takes context into account, its focus on creative writing sometimes leads to responses that prioritize creativity over direct relevance. Although this can enhance the conversation's entertainment value, it may occasionally result in answers not precisely aligned with the user's intent.

Responses to a Prompt

The fact that Bard's LaMDA can pull responses from the internet is one of the main contrasts between the two. This feature ensures that it always has the most recent responses. It is also incorporated into Google's search engine and, upon request, can offer direct links to web pages. On the other hand, ChatGPT cannot access more recent data and research because it is based on the Generative Pre-Training Transformer-4 (GPT-4), whose cutoff date expires in September 2021.

Language Limitation

Although its primary language is English, ChatGPT can respond in several languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. Contrary to this, Bard can only understand and respond in English. 

Which AI Provides the Best Results?

Determining which chat AI provides the best results depends on the use case and user preferences. GPT Chat is more suitable for general conversational tasks, offering a robust understanding of queries and contextually relevant responses. So, it excels at providing accurate and concise information.

On the other hand, Bard is an ideal choice when seeking creative and engaging conversations. Its poetic responses, and storytelling abilities can add a touch of artistic flair to the interaction. Thus, Bard is especially valuable for generating imaginative content and entertaining users through vivid narratives.


Now is the time to answer which chatbot is better. Though the software development company in charge of creating these AI chatbots excels at what they do, the question of which AI model is better ultimately depends on your needs. It is currently evident that Chat GPT is performing well compared to Google Bard. It worked hard to capitalize on its head start. In addition, it is the only one of the two models available to the general public free of charge. Given that this AI chatbot is also free, it is obvious that you are favoring OpenAI's model for now.

Google, though, is currently catching up. Its cautious approach can be troublesome in this situation. In a few months, we'll learn how good Bard can get.