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Aciano Technologies is the leading IT resource-outsourcing services provider with numerous staffing solutions on demand. We house the best IT experts working in your time-zone and flawlessly accomplishing our clients' technical projects of software development, custom application development, website designing and development, CMS development, and technical implementation of Dynamics 365 finance and operations ERP.

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Accomplishing your Goals is our Ultimate Achievement

Our dedicated staff augmentation services provide you with outcomes that surpass your expectations. We have been outsourcing IT staff for more than a decade. With every new client, we are growing our talent pool to meet the demand of the market.

Technical Developers

Technical Developers Resource Outsourcing

We have a pool of highly-educated and experienced developers to take over all your software, application, and website development projects. Our developers are well-versed in diverse tech stacks, including Java, .Net, Angular, React JS/native, and more.

Technical Resource Outsourcing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical Resource Outsourcing

If you need a hand setting up and handling Microsoft Dynamics ERP for finance and operations, Aciano Technologies is the right name for you. Our Microsoft Dynamics consultants and developers offer the most accurate managed services for ERP based on your requirements.

SQA Engineers

SQA Engineers Resource Outsourcing

Our SQA engineers are the support system of our IT outsourcing services. They are known in the entire industry as the most detail-oriented critics who never let a single bug or glitch go unchecked. They perform various tests such as automated, functional, performance, and mobile tests by applying state-of-the-art testing tools and techniques.

Project Management

Project Managers Resource Outsourcing

Our project managers are flexible, efficient, and deadline oriented. They carry out the projects with minimal use of resources while maintaining quality standards. Their flexibility allows them to get along with your in-house team, train them and bring the most optimized outcome during the process.

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX Designers Resource Outsourcing

Our designers have a knack for creative solutions and they know just how to sync all your branding elements into one another to provide your customers with a consistent experience through web designs, social media posts, banners, brochures, flyers, etc.

DevOps Consultant

DevOps Consultant Outsourcing

We have a team of DevOps consultants experienced in Azure and AWS cloud hosting. They will accelerate your business processes by automating your systems and integrating them without any data lost to provide high productivity in the minimum time.

Signs that you Need IT Outsourcing Company

  • You lack technical expertise and you desire perfect development and implementation of IT services along with optimal output.
  • You have too much on your plate. And you have no time for more responsibilities.
  • You are wise enough to focus on your expert domain to grow your revenues rather than taking ownership of a whole new ball game. So, you let an IT outsourcing company help you.
  • You do not have the budget to hire a permanent IT resource as full-time specialists are way costlier than outsourced IT services.
  • You do not have enough space in your office to settle in more employees.

If you are is any of the above mentioned situations, you must get in touch now!

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Why Get Staff Augmentation Services from Aciano Technologies?

Of course, this question is banging on your mind. So hear this out!

We house the best IT resources to outsource for your project working in your time zone. Giants of the industry brag about our reliable staff augmentation services because our dedicated outsourced IT experts work in close collaboration with our them and ensure their satisfaction at every stage. We never make lame excuses to avoid revisions because we are happy only if our clients are happy. Plus, you will not find such high standards in quality at such unbelievable prices. .


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When hiring outsourced IT resources, it is important to consider factors such as:

  • Experience: Identify the skills and experience of the candidate. Are they knowledgeable in the area of IT you need help with?
  • Clients Reviews: It is important to ask for references from past clients and reviews of their services to evaluate the quality
  • Cost: Outsourcing IT resources can come at a wide range of price points, so consider your budget and the cost of the resource you wish to hire.
  • Reputation: It is important to research the IT provider’s reputation and customer reviews. This will give you an indication of the quality of their services, as well as their reliability.
  • Security: Ensure that the provider is ISO certified and compliant with security standards for the protection of your data.

Employees begin working on a project nearly immediately since we have a stable level of personnel resources. However, if at any given time we do not have a specialist with the necessary skills, we may submit the initial candidate profiles for cutting-edge technologies within two to three weeks.

Outsourcing IT services can help your company reduce costs and increase efficiency. By outsourcing IT services, you can free up internal resources to focus on core business objectives. Other benefits include access to specialized skills and expertise, enhanced customer services, improved system performance, better data management, and greater scalability. Additionally, outsourcing IT services may provide increased flexibility, access to resources and tools not available in-house, improved security, and cost savings. In essence, outsourcing IT services can be a cost-effective way to improve business efficiency and performance.

Except in cases when the client wishes to supply his own equipment, which he has complete control over, the equipment is typically provided by Aciano. The most practical option for the majority of clients is for the outsourced IT staff to work remotely from Aciano's offices with sporadic trips to the client's workplace.
In order to work with even the most demanding clients, like banks or governmental organizations, we adapt to their procedures and requirements while also being ready from a formal, legal, procedural, and technical viewpoint (firewall, VPN, dual link, encryption, IT security policy).

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