Student Tracking System

student tracking system
Jan 08, 2021

Student Tracking System

According to one of the findings of the annual report “The State of Pakistan’s Children 2011”, The number of child kidnappings: around 7,000 kids were abducted, with 3,090 from Karachi only.

With time, the situation got worsen as statistics recorded by the National Police BureauMinistry of Interior Pakistan claimed a higher number of Kidnapping in overall Pakistan especially in the province of Punjab.

Weak Government systems, Blame-games, Poor law and order situations, failed regulations and much more are the root cause of the problems. On the other hand, Parents having long working hours, relying heavily on the 3rd party like maids, vans, drivers can also contribute to initiating such problems.

MazikGlobal initiated, a customer-centric solution which guarantees your child’s safety through Students Tracking System, ensuring safety to school children by carrying out services like tracking of students via in-app notifications & SMS alert when entering school to when getting out, all such information is provided to their parents making hassle-free environment, using advanced RFID technology through the mobile application.

How Does a Student Tracking System Works?

For each student, the school issues a card which is mandatory to bring. These cards have a chip called RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. The tracking system can track any RFID reader from a distance of several feet. Each RFID has a unique code that differentiates one card from the other. RFID can locate every other student even many students are entering at once.

What are the features of Student Tracking System Works?

  • No finger-printed reading or card swiping
  • Automated attendance with time logging
  • Feature-full dashboards on any device through a web                 
  • Immediate attendance reports at a click of a button
  • Emergency assistance by exact identification of involved students
  • Can be used to track other institute assets

Qamar Hafeezi, CEO at Aciano Technologies & Shahzad Hafeezi, VP at MazikGlobal, shared their visionary context on how we can make a sustainable society in terms of a better educational system at every level either it’s an urban society or a rural one. “OUR CHILD SHOULD BE SAFE”. They further contributed that the Educational Intuitions need to engage with Student Tracking System, and while providing all the required hardware in school premises which needs to be settled-up. However, Parents will be provided with access. The device is user-friendly and absolutely easy to operate and doesn’t require any complex or professional training.

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