Swapping for the Win!

Swapping for the Win
Aug 03, 2019

Karachi, 10th August 2020 – Aciano Technologies, a leading software solutions company in Karachi, has launched a new app that promotes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce consumerism and overspending in Pakistan. The app is named “SwapperClub” and is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. For now, this app is being operated in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad only and is planning to move to more cities in the next couple of months. 

The app connects people to swap, rent, donate, or even buy items from each other and help them reduce their carbon footprint by finding areas near to their locations.  Right now, the app works like a classified only, but soon, more advanced features will be accompanied that will offer a one-stop-shop for people who care about their environment and want to save money by thrifting and renting instead of buying.   

SwapperClub is Pakistan’s first online sustainable marketplace to swap items in the most convenient way. The idea is really exciting as it gets you hands-on new items while also being kind to the planet. By using items that already exist, you are avoiding contributing to unnecessary increases in production, which pollutes our planet. All you have to do is download the app, upload pictures of your items, and find other items you want to swap with. 

During the pandemic outbreak & aftereffects of post-pandemic, it will difficult for people to shop for their interest or luxury but through this idea, people can support a thrifting culture by donating, or even bartering, all through this one app.  

With proper beta-testing by the renowned names in the IT sector of Pakistan, the app is available with only basic features for now, which includes connecting with other swappers, browsing multiple categories, searching items and sorting them as per their location, and much more. The app is co-founded by Qamar Ahmed Hafeezi (CEO – Aciano Technologies) along with his partners and they plan to expand it by adding more features in the upcoming releases. 

From out of fashion or ill-fitted clothes to old furniture to books, with SwapperClub you can virtually swap everything most conveniently. SwapperClub is not only beneficial to the users but also aims to change our way of living by practicing minimalism, and sustainability by maximizing the use of products and extending their life.    

SwapperClub is now available on both Play Store and App store and you can find more details on the Website.

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